Friday, October 25, 2019

Finally Fall...

After almost two months of drought we've had some rain. Which brought out the fall color and the harvesting of the black walnuts.
In the front yard of the office there are several huge black walnuts trees and when the nuts begin to fall, it sounds like rocks hitting the roof and the little critters start storing up for the winter.  So far, this fall we've had no visits to the office by our furry friends. 
 But, they do like to hide under the copy machine!


  1. My tree just changed color a few days ago. I think it was the cooler weather we've had.

  2. We were up on the Parkway a couple weeks ago and the reluctant color was just trying to show. I know you guys will get the full show from start to finish. WATCH OUT for 'em critters that make it inside under the copy machine. LOL

  3. Sounds like you are under walnut attack. So glad your drought has ended. They worry me.

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  5. It was late color here too but ours was too much rain. Finally had a few days of no rain, sure wish we could share ours:)

  6. What a cute picture. Fall is really late this year,


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