Saturday, February 11, 2012

Quilts for Kids....

...that's the charity i make quilts for....

It's a great little deal..

They send you the pre-cut fabric and one of two very simple patterns...
You stitch it up....quilt it (using your batting) and send it back...
Then they give it to a child that is going thru a long term hospital stay...

Thursday's mail brought my newest fabric pack...
And was i surprised....!!

All my other kits have been...what i would consider "children's fabric"
Isn't this and dots......who knew....
I can see some little sweetheart snuggled-up in this finished quilt...

Check out for info....


It cost less than $6.00 to send it back..

Such a deal and a simple way to pay back...!!

Live for the Moment


  1. That fabric says spring for sure. It is definitely made for a little girl. How wonderful you can use your talent to bless others. That should be a fun quilt to make.
    Snowing and blowing here today. 4 inches so far I'd say. Have a super Saturday!

  2. That is a fantastic project and great cause. I love it. Yes, that is some really pretty fabric. You are going to make some little one happy to snuggle in it.

  3. Thanks so much for reminding me about this program, I tried doing something similar in Samoa but they said they did not shop to there...but now I can.

  4. You are very thoughtful and I'm sure the sick kids appreciate the quilts so much. The material is pretty.

  5. What a neat thing for you to do. Wish I quilted.

  6. That is indeed a great charity and good work. You are such a dear and I can only imagine the joy you have spread.
    I love the finished products, and many times wonder how one makes those with 'no ragged edges!'.
    We just came back from a Birthday party at Carlin Park, Near your old stompin' ground.
    GAs has reached $3.89 on the Turn pike.

  7. On my. Such sweet fabric ... will make a sweet little quilt.

  8. You are a blessing to many with your gifts Gd has given you.