Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Hate This.....

This new format is driving me crazy..!!

Where is everything..??

I can't find my dashboard.....do i have to re-enter alllll the blogs i follow...??

I'm an old dog and i don't want to learn new tricks...

I didn't ask for this....

Hey...!! Goggle!!......are you listening...???

I need help here....!!!


  1. The "new" dashboard is strange. If I am viewing my blog..I have to go to design on the little bar at the top of my blog..then I get a page that is all about my template and from there off to the left ..ALL blogs..and when I click on that I can FINALLY get to my dashboard..not exactly an improvement when they make things better:(

  2. Girl - - - we had nearly identical "I Hate the new Blogger interface" posts today - - - only mine was MUCH MORE verbose than yours!

    Why oh why do they always try to fix a cart that "ain't broke?"

  3. I agree. Do you have the 'View in Google Reader' link on your Dashboard?

  4. I don't like either, but I'm starting to learn my way around :(

  5. I have not noticed any change to my blogger dashboard. It has remained the same for me for about a year now. Only I have noticed that when I schedule my photos to automatically post for me, they are not doing so. I have to go in and manually post them.


  6. I hate change too, and am still fumbling around trying to find things...I hate it with things get arranged without asking first....

    I hope you get it figured out!

  7. I have a reason, I am old, so I can fuss legally. You young kids should jump right on the changes. LOL

    Yeah, it is frustrating, and NO, no one is listening that can do anything about it.

    They are busy working on a new dashboard, LOL

  8. It's all there as it was before only in different places...I've been taking it slow and so far no problems. I just found our tonite where I could find the spam comments that were left so I could delete them. I don't know why they had to change a good thing. Good luck!

  9. I just blogged about this very thing yesterday. Arrrggggghhhhh! You are not alone!

  10. Go to design. Look in the upper left corner where there is a B in an orange background. Click on it and it will show you some stats and you can scroll down to your buddies.