Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Turn...!

...FrontPorch-O-Meter Report...
It's a bright sunny 5* outside this morning..
Soaring up to a high of maybe 30* today...
The roads are clear but, school is on a 3 hour delay..
and Mommy is home again...
She's added the shakes to the wheezing...
She says she's better but what does "better" mean when you are trying to get ready for work and you have to stop after each piece of clothing is put on...sit down..catch your breath and stop shaking..
She's typing this for me....cause i don't have thumbs...and has made soooooo many mistakes..
Thank Goodness for those squiggly lines under words and the preview feature...

Tomorrow will be "better"...i guarantee it..
MissKitty out..

..Hope is Forever..


  1. Thanks for the report MissKitty. Sure hope mommy is feeling better soon.

  2. We're to get warmer here too. I'm so excited we are out that deep freeze. Sure do hope your mommy is better soon!

  3. Well I hope mama gets better. You kids had better be good. I hope mama gets much better soon and the mountains warm up and come alive with the sound of SPRING!

  4. I hope Ms. Kitty gives more reports in the future :)

  5. Hurry up Spring....Then all of you will be better, unless you have allergies to the Spring stuff....Life on the planet....
    Love from High Point

  6. Poor lamb, hope you get to feeling better. The flu is going around. I finally got bit by the stomach virus but it was a quick one and am feeling on the mend. Feel better,