Monday, February 17, 2014

Stop Listening to Me....

Mother Nature...!!

Early in the month i was complaining that the ole girl had thrown just about everything at us this winter except an earthquake....
Friday night she tossed in a 4.1 quake south of us in South Carolina....
We felt the tremors way up here in the high country...
I give win Mother Nature....!!
Misskitty and i will quit yakking about your handy work and just nap thru the rest of winter...

..Hope is Forever..


  1. Goodness! Imagine if you were actually in SC! I remember while working in Quantico VA an shook our building, too. We were not allowed to go back in it until it was checked out. Our CA neighbors are used to it, but it was something else to me!

  2. An earthquake, no matter where, is a scary thing. I used to live in Los Angeles but I never got over my fear every time I felt a tremor. I agree with you about Mother Nature. I've given up on her. I don't know who or what got her so p****d off at us but I give up. Like Misskitty, I am going back to bed until better weather.

  3. Good Morning,
    Yes, Misskitty has the right idea. Napping until spring is a fabulous idea!

    Take care and Have a marvelous Monday. ~Natalie

  4. It's the truth! We do have to be careful what we goodness, that must have been quite earth shaking...I'm all for hibernating through the rest of winter too!

  5. Some TV program used to come on with the music."Strange things are happening".
    But today is beautiful on the banks of the Peace river....

  6. O my never a dull moment ...Lol...I'm thinking ms kitty has the perfect idea...enjoy your evening hugs lil raggedy Angie

  7. Everything is just crazy lately! Stay safe and warm!