Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Change of Address....

Miss LulaBelle takes her job as watch dog for the Twelve Acre Wood very seriously.
And as a result she stopped sleeping in her dog house and decided to shuggle-up under one of the Douglas Firs left over from the tree farm...
From there she could see both houses and all of the driveway..
This was driving me crazy...'cause we've still got some cold weather to get thru....
If Lula would not go to the house.....the house went to Lula...
Our house number is 1585...the parental units number is 1587..
Does that make Lula's house.....1586...?

..Hope is Forever..

ps.....she sleeps in it every night now.....good dog..!


  1. Yep, that has to be her address!

  2. Yes, since the house is across the road the number would be correct!!! (smile) Good dog! you are right

  3. How cute that is that she had to be between the houses to keep an eye out for both. Glad she's now in her house again. Even if it is warmer they will be some rainy days ahead and she needs a place to keep dry too.

  4. LOL, that is too cute. Glad Lula Bell has you all to take good care of her despite her quirks.