Thursday, June 12, 2014

Rain...rain...go away.....

Yes.....I know the mountains are in near drought conditions...
For the last few days we've had nearly an inch a day...
the rain is OK it's the thunder that comes with it...
That thunder is turning my furr babies into quivering little masses of breathing/panting hair...
Does anyone out there use a "thunder shirt or jacket"?
Do they work?
Mother Nature is not cooperating with me and my babies are

..Hope is Forever..


  1. It's been a rainy few days here but not so much thunder. I remember when my children were young I'd have a whole bed full of scared babies when it stormed. Hope you get some sunshine and calmer days soon !

  2. It's been raining here also. We use "thunder shirts" at the animal shelter where I volunteer. Since I'm not directly involved with the dogs that they are used on I can't say for certain that they work, but it is worth a try if it will help them. Good luck

  3. I have never heard of any thing that would calm an animal in thunder. Interesting think, 'thunder shirts'.
    How would they work?

  4. I have heard those thunder vests do work wonders.