Wednesday, September 10, 2014


...when did the world turn another notch..?
7:00 AM ... it's still dark outside... and ...
the spawn of the Pumpkin People are popping up all over the country side...!!

..Hope is Forever..


  1. Looks like an invasion of the Pumpkin People. I too have noticed that it is darker when I get up.

  2. It does get dark earlier too. It seem like yesterday it wasn't dark outside till almost 9:30 and now it's only 8:00. I'm missing the longer daylight hours for sure !

  3. Yeah for the young at heart Halloween is around the corner with jack-o-lanterns, for the old folk, we see Thanksgiving and pumpkin pie.

    Love from the Coastal but headed for the Piedmont...

  4. I like darker mornings.... my husband gets upset with me when I get up with the chickens. As long as it stays dark, I can sleep!!!!

  5. Fantastic! I love autumn and pumpkins.

  6. The shift in the light has become very prominent here on the west coast, but no pumpkin lots yet. This weekend is the big hot air balloon festival that happens in the cool fall morning air, so I'm sure the pumpkins are close behind.