Friday, October 3, 2014

Road Trip...

With CityBoy and Papa on their way to Florida for a week...
I decided to take a couple of days vacation and yesterday Mom and I went on a 
"Road Trip"
Took off for Abington, VA in search of a quilt shop up there...
Back roads all the way....saw lots of Fall color..
Abington is the home of the Barter of the oldest working stages in the US.
Beautiful little town...!!
And the quilt shop was just 2 blocks from the theater...
The Amish shop is where all our money stayed...
Love that F.R.O.G. jam..!
Another road trip is in the works...
Closer to home this time 'cause it's getting COLD up here...!!

..Hope is Forever..


  1. I lived and worked in Abingdon for two years a number of years ago, and we have dear friends whom we visit a few times during the year there. Did you not make it to the Olive Oil Company? That is such a tempting shop. When I return I know I'll spend too much money.:-)

  2. We like Abington, Thanks for including us on the road trip. Fall is a beautiful time to travel in the Upper USA, that is for sure.
    Beautiful (no rain) day here in Melbourne...

  3. What a wonderful way to spend some vacation time ! I really am curious now as to what FROG jam is. Hope you enjoy the other part of your vacation! Have a fantastic Friday!

  4. Love road trips!! Seeing new sites and beauty. Thanks for sharing.