Thursday, December 18, 2014

I'm Back.....

Things have been a bit crazy up here at the Twelve Acre Wood..
The female half of the parental units became very ill Sunday night and after 2 trips to the ER via ambulance the doctors finally admitted her to the hospital very early Wednesday morning..
I've been dividing my time between keeping the office running....keeping my household fed and running...and helping care for Mom..
All you wives and mothers know what i'm talking about.....right...?!
She is still in the hospital....resting....waiting for the fever to go away...maybe we'll get her home tomorrow.... is gonna stop cooperating tomorrow night....nasty drizzle/snizzle is in the forecast..
..Hope is Forever..


  1. Sure hope she is better soon . Take care on the roads. Snizzle isn't any fun.

  2. Sorry to hear your Mom is sick. Sure hope she gets well soon. Be careful out there. Snizzle isn't anything to mess with.

  3. I am sorry to hear that your mother isn't well. Sending my thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery.

  4. Thinking about MOM, the very important person in our lives. YES take care of that lady. Our thoughts and prayers for mama.
    Love from Melbourne

  5. Hang in there and take care. I pray that your Mother has a speedy recovery.

  6. Take it day by day and stay safe!