Monday, December 16, 2019

Spirit has Hit Me...1

The Christmas Zebra quilt is up ....
The Cards have been sent 
the shopping is almost done....

Christmas Zebras ask?
Back in 2012 when i decided to make a small Christmas quilt for the quilt rack over our bed...In my haste to grab green, red, yellow, and white material.....I grabbed that funky green on the bottom left side, cut it up and made a green and red star......only after i completed the quilt did i notice that the funky green has "Zebras" on it...!!

the Zebras are up and we can let the Holidays begin..!!


  1. It is a beautiful quilt. I had to look really close to see Zebras. Don't think anyone would notice them if you don't mention it. Merry Christmas to you and the family.

  2. It is still a beautiful quilt and I'm sure there are not many that would even notice the zebras.

  3. Quilts were part of my life. At times I spent some times looking at the scraps mama used to make them. Interesting, but I never did see zebras. hahahaha. Beautiful quilt, love 'em.
    Sherry & jack down in the Wildwood area for a couple more days.

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