Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Neighbor.....

...cruising down the road to home....
look what i discovered has moved in ......into the twenty-seven acres across the street form the little cabin in the Twelve Acre wood.....

Could it be a come back of....White Snake....??
(weren't they a "hair" band in the 80's?)

No.... just the newest way to store hay for the winter....

Look there's another one....
over the valley and below the ridge....!!

Must be cheaper than building a barn....

Life is Good


  1. I think I saw one of those just the other day.

  2. Yes, we have those strange looking bundles here too. I saw one huge tree in the middle of a field with those things all around it, like they thought the tree would provide shelter for them. You do have a beautiful view there from your place. Just a little strange... Hope your day is a great one!

  3. I have seen those and it does make storage space a snap.

  4. I've seen these in Canada too. Must be a cheaper way of doing things now!

  5. I am glad they can wrap the hay. I used to hate to wee it rot in a bale. The round ones are just tooo heavy to pick up and move around. hahaha.

    So a neighboring giant White Snake. Your imagination amazes me! Love it.
    Sent from Florida (Wildwood) and it is HOT!
    Sherry & Jack