Monday, October 29, 2012

Hi Ho....Hi Ho.....'s off to work i go....
Hi Ho.....Hi Ho....
i'm driving in the snow..!
Sandy has seen fit to send us some little snow flurries..
None of the little flakes are sticking around due to the 60mph wind gust...
Gotta love the high country...

Live in the Moment

ps....the above basement is still for sale if your interested..


  1. Only rain here in Ohio so far, but it is windy for sure. We are to have some gusts of 60 mph winds too. Already there are many with power outages. Stay safe and keep warm there!

  2. I'd love a basement, if it were under my house. Oh could I fill it with 'stuff'.

  3. We'll see how the basement looks next year. Maybe it could be a nice swimming pool!
    I really did not want to hear that 4 letter word today!!!
    Love from down here.

  4. Enjoy your day! I see on the news it is snowing in Boone. This would be the perfect time this Florida girl to be in N.C. I could see the beautiful folliage and snow at the same time!

  5. Prayers coming your way for a safe week to come!