Tuesday, October 30, 2012


It's coming at us from the side..!!

What happen to the "gently" falling fat flakes in the movies...?
You know...the White Christmas kind'a flakes...

Our little hard needle sharp flakes are coming at us from the side at about 35 mph...
gusting up to 60 mph...

Prayers to all on the NC coast and to the north of us..
hang on our crews are on the way...

Live in the Moment


  1. I cannot believe this snow. If my daddy was alive he would start the old Buick and drive the kids off to see some snow!

    So I reckon it has started.

    Also I am sure you know about hurricanes, you have seen enough of them 'down home'..

  2. I just saw on the news you were getting a snoot full. Glad you are OK. Stay warm, safe and power ready. Sandy is no lady.

  3. No snow here where I am but due to the pounding winds and rain schools are closed here. They say that counties to the west of us are seeing snow this morning. With the wind chill the rain has turned to snow for them. Stay safe and keep warm there.

  4. I heard that one side of your beautiful state had rain and wind and the other side had snow. Hopefully the storm has passed by now and you've got power. Stay safe.

  5. Wow! Now you can build a Halloween snowman! The best part is that the trick or treaters will stay home (maybe....).

  6. Oh, sideways snow is so painful. Hope it quits soon!!

  7. Besides no sleep due to the noise of the wind, we even were able to keep our power until today of all things, lol. It has been very distracting and worrisome but we feel really blessed.