Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Look what I Found....

....the Mountain Laurel by the office door finally bloomed...!
The buds have been there for months...but...with the crazy weather we've had this year, I had my doubts if it would ever blossom out...
Guess it's a hearty little mountain bush and wintered just fine...

I the colors....!!!

..Hope is Forever..


  1. It is beautiful! I've noticed everything seems to be blooming later this year here too.

  2. Love Mountain Laurel. It always adds to a drive thru the NC mountains...

  3. Those are some of the prettiest colors I've seen. Love Mountain Laurel. Wish it grew around here -would need mountains for that I guess.

  4. I think it is about time for the Rhododendron Festival on Roane Mountain, isn't it? Beautiful blooms!