Monday, May 19, 2014

Yes....I know...'s a Turkey..
It's the stuffing i wanted you to see...
I've been gluten free for two weeks....!!
I've found that it is and was easier than i thought..
Just gotta read those labels..
Haven't lost any weight yet blood sugar is down 10 points..
and that's a GOOD thing...!!

..Hope is Forever..


  1. Way to go! Keep us posted as to how this is working for you; I'm interested if it will work.

  2. Lowering Blood Sugar is a GREAT thing, and I don't know what Gluten is, gotta look that up. I have heard it of course, now I will find out for meself.
    From the Piedmont...

  3. Lately I've seen whole isles in the grocery store dedicated to gluten free foods. I really don't know much about the benefits of gluten free diets but it does seem to be very popular. Glad you are doing so well with yours.Hope you have a wonderful Monday and a great week ahead!

  4. I've eliminated gluten from my diet, for the most part. There are occasions when I will have foods that contain it, but not as a regular thing. I have lost 8 pounds since the first of December. Not a lot, and not very quickly, but it's a loss.