Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Flowers at the office front door...
the one on the left was taken last week and the one on the right is the same buds yesterday...

I removed yesterday's blog due to the comments..
Before i wrote it...I had read many of the the same questions on Facebook...
with the "Like" box checked many...many...many times
After i wrote it and removed it....i still and always will believe that birth control is a personal issue
Un-friend me if you want to..
I respect your views and ask that you give me the same courtesy...
..Hope is Forever..


  1. The flower is beautiful. I think every day I find something new blooming around here. I love this time of year. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. That is such a beautiful flower. Love the delicate colors. I totally respect your views. I never meant any disrespect with my comment yesterday as I do agree with you that it is a personal matter. I was just trying to state the facts. If I offended you I sincerely apologize.

  3. As life goes on, I will never understand the penchant to change what someone feels. That is what I think America is about. An opinion is just that, mine or yours.
    I respect YOURS. since I did not read the comments I won't comment on them. hahahaha!
    live and laugh at it all. If we all thought alike, we would be ROBOTS!

    Love you lady,

    Sorry for the rant... But the flower is beautiful.. Love the color..

  4. Love the flower! I send you wishes for a wonderful Tuesday!

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  6. My comments were not meant to offend, so,if they did I apologize. I respect yours and others opinions even when I don't agree.

    I have always enjoyed your blog!

  7. No worries. We all have our opinions and that is the freedom we enjoy.