Wednesday, July 2, 2014

the War is Over...

Things were moving along just find...
the house was comfortable and then the breeze died...!
The house quickly became unbearable...
Me....Myself....I....turned on the A/C..
and looking at the upcoming weather,
I'm thinking it will stay on till Fall...

..Hope is Forever..


  1. We have lucked out around here. The mornings are cool so I open up all the windows. Then around noon I close up and on comes the A/C. I have to sit outside in the afternoon just to warm up. Lots of fans running have allowed me to keep it a little warmer (than hubby likes) in the house.

  2. Our forecast is for a bit cooler weather starting tomorrow so just maybe I can open the windows up once again. The long 4th of July weekend is predicted to be just beautiful.

  3. Smart move. Keep the other side confused..

  4. Our's is off for a change!!! Its suppose to cool here through the weekend!!! So the windows are open and I'm back to sneezing and coughing!! I can always take a pill for allergies!!! Nothing like open window in the summer time.!!!

  5. Keeping the house closed up due to allergies and turning the AC on as needed:)