Thursday, November 20, 2014


Remember a few weeks ago when i wrote i was having internet connection issues...
And then..
Over the weekend we discovered that the parental units were having issues with a garage door opener and just decided to use a "spare" one.
Which for some reason also opened our garage doors....!!
The garage door man came by Tuesday afternoon and reprogramed our doors and fixed the parental units opener ..
My internet connections have been perfect ever since...
Go figure..!!
It's another mountain mystery...

..Hope is Forever..


  1. Oh, how I love those mountain mysteries. Never heard of a garage door opener being on the same frequency as an internet connection.

  2. The mountains are full of mysteries! Glad all is working properly now!

  3. Kind of weird, Boomer but my garage opener is giving me a time, too. lol. I'll have to keep your experience in mind if I start having computer issues!

  4. love the unexplainable stuff. Allows me to believe in gremlins.

  5. Glad all is working once again for everyone. Unexplained mysteries seem to remain that way. We can only be thankful when things work right.