Thursday, January 28, 2010

"My Way" Chili.....

With all this blogging about chicken chili.....the taste buds went into over-drive!!

Here's my way.....note "original" chili seasoning......none of that fancy stuff for chicken only!!
And ground chicken.........No, chunks!!

Ground chicken and ground turkey does not separate as well as ground beef......
Soooo.....use that old hand held potato masher to break it up!!
The one that's hidden in the back of the gadget drawer.... works goooooood!!

Cook just like funny special gourmet touches butter.....dang!!

Should take about 15-20 minutes...

I serve it on a bed of rice....

Topped with chopped red onions....sour cream......shredded cheddar cheese.....


Made a double batch and there's just enough left for "my" lunch!!



  1. I think it looks like something I need to try out for sure. The cheese and sour cream sure make it a treat.

  2. I've not made it with chicken but turkey, yours looks good. I use all store-brand products and save a few cents.

  3. I like mine with a lot of beans, usually dark read kidneys and even some black beans. Have you tried some chilli over a baked potatoe? Yummmm!

  4. Just started reading your blog. Reason is you are in NC like I am.
    The recipe sounds great and I will try it out.
    And your pictures of the mountains are great...we don't get over to that area often. Our son and his family live in Pisgah Forest.
    Sandy in NC

  5. Looks good. I use some different ingredients but do use the original chili mix only I use French's original. If fact I have some frozen containers now. Helen

  6. My potato masher is at the front of the drawer. When I'm mashing potatoes I do a really good job - first I use that masher, then I use my hand mixer. Just as you don't want chunks of chicken in your chili, I don't want chunks of potato in my mashed ones. :)

    I may have to make some of your chili this weekend. Looks so yummy good!

  7. This is something I am going to definitely try. It looks so yummie!!

  8. My tater masher is front and center. It is great for mashing many things, including meat (like you did).

    That chili looks absolutely yummy!

  9. Add me to the list of hand- mashing the potatoes. My masher is some 40 years old now, no paint on the handle, but works as well as the first time.
    I've truthfully never made chili with turkey, but I must give this recipe a try, it looks delicious !
    Like you, I use the McCormick seasonings, just always get the best results.

  10. That looks so warm and comforting!! Yummm!

  11. I have never thought about ground chicken (o:
    I am still eating my pot of white chili
    I made enough to last for lunches and to freeze
    I think next time I might try Rotel in it...I love the taste of Rotel
    I will also try it your way (o:

  12. I want chili! Now! I'm going to have to go find a can of chili in the cupboard. There must be one somewhere. That looks so good!