Sunday, January 24, 2010

What next....?!!

Do the words.....

"Flash Flood Warnings"

mean anything to you....??!!

What next.......we've had Snow...lots of snow......Ice.....lots of ice.......Rain.....lots of rain...

and now the Flood Warnings.....

Flood Warnings are not unusual up here in the high country....

but...with all the snow and ice....the run off is raising to heights that have the old timers worried.

The little cabin in the twelve acre wood is about 3200 feet up and the parental units are above us.......soooooo....if the waters make it this high....??....uhg.......??

Anyone got blueprints for an ARC....??


  1. At least we don't have floor to ceiling fog again this Sunday - but, dreary, chilly, and soon to be rainy!!! And, with the rain, comes boot eating mud!!!! If we' are not careful, the mud just sucks the boot right off your foot!!! LOL Definitely another indoor day........after cleaning the barn!!!

  2. I am building the ark right now. I will stop by and pick you al up. Anyone else need a ride?

  3. WOW, hope it doesn't get that bad. Please stay safe. Hugs

  4. Having trouble making a comment here today so hope it doesn't post 2 times. I remember visiting my grand parents on their farm in the hills of W.Va. and seeing those melted snows and rain coming down the hill in the run that ran through their farm. It washed out the bridge there once and I'm thinking you are lucky to be up on the hill and not in valley.

  5. I don't think you have to worry about the waters getting THAT high - - - the flood warnings are for the gullies and valleys.

    HOWEVER - - - I hope "your anchor holds" so you don't go slip sliding DOWN into the valley!!!

    You sure do live in a beautiful area.

    We're having all of the same things you cited, only we are FLAT - - - so when it floods it can get anybody.

  6. You are probably getting the bad rain storms (and flash flood warnings) that we had here in SoCal last week. We also had tornados, which we NEVER get in California. It rained here for 7 days straight and we had a "pond" in our back yard because the yard drains could not handle all the excess water. We had about 7 or 8 inches of rain in one week which is a "flood" for SoCal.

  7. My husband just bought him a new pair of insulated muck boots yesterday. Maybe I should send them to you.

  8. LM, I'm right there with you pal!! Hang in there spring is around the corner!!

  9. I want to catch a ride with yall when you get that ark built. It's rained all day here.

  10. How scary. Hope you stay safe and don't need to build the Ark!!!!

  11. Ya'll have had a rough time this winter! BTW your header picture is beautiful!
    Stay warm...and dry!