Friday, December 17, 2010


....the window of opportunity will only be open for a short time.....!!

The sun is shinning....the ice is melting.....the temps should be in the 40's today....

I need cat tea.....bird seed.....
You know the essentials....!!

And a hair cut...!!!!!
Oh my i ever need a hair cut...
Max...Mia....and Misskitty don't recognize me....except at dinner time....!!

Gott'a hurry.....another "Wintery Mix" and snow storm are on the way for the weekend....

I reallly do love living in the mountains.....Honest....!!



  1. No matter how hard you try to hide it, we all know you love the NC mountains as home. We love the photo's and stories from there. Even if the dogs and cats have to relate them!!!
    Merry Christmas and remember HURRY!

  2. Hurry, but carefully! We want you to enjoy those mountains of yours for many years.

  3. Linda, please don't forget the cat food. You may have some kitties upset with you!
    We had a two hour delay this morning and as well, are expecting a wintery mix tomorrow so since hubby goes to the store, I will have to make a list...but for tonight it is homemade pizza and sitting in front of the fire with the tree lit; ahhhhh...Be careful going out!

  4. LOL!

    I REMEMBER all that "rush" to get to the store BEFORE a snow in the south. Bet there isn't a gallon of milk nor a loaf of bread to be had!

    And just why do people rush out for bread and milk??? Fisherhubby says he'd rather be stranded with a steak and some lobster.

    Here, folks just take the snow in stride like any other day and there isn't that mad dash to the store business going on.

    But - - - enjoy your mad dashing. I KNOW how good a new hair cut can be!

  5. When the weather is nice we sure to have to take advantage of it. I'm hoping that the beginning of next week will be nice as I've quite a bit of running around to do then. Take good care and hope your day is a fantastic one!

  6. There is only one word for that picture...stunning!! Hope you have a wonderful day.

  7. I do hope you get all the things you need especially the cat and bird food :O) and if you pop round I will willingly give you a hair cut :O) ~ Ally x