Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Another Sign...?

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...all winter...
Well starting late fall....our maintenance men at the park keep a wood burning stove going in the shop bay area...
They man it 24/7 with dead wood collected in the park, keep a tea kettle with water on the top,  cook pinto beans and cornbread on it and it keeps the shop warm....
Monday I came to work and there  is no FIRE burning....the tea kettle is empty, the stove is cold and the bay doors were open...
I think this maybe another sign of Spring being near....
..Go For Your Dreams.. 


  1. Signs of spring are wonderful and that one is wonderful ! I can hardly wait till I can turn off the heat and open the doors and windows and let some fresh air in !

  2. Well, spring may be near, but I'd still welcome pinto beans and cornbread! Even a hot cup of tea would be nice!:-) xo

  3. It feels more like summer here in south Alabama. Temperature in the 80's. Pinto beans and cornbread sounds good.

  4. WEll I for another am glad things are looking springy in the NC mts.
    Thanks for the update, sorry about the beans and cornbread though! :(