Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Please, explain.....

..how God loving....hard working....living within the law....try to always do the right thing...middle(?) class people always end up getting screwed by the government..
ObamaCare just bit us in the butt on our income tax.....big time...!!
That policy will be history at the end of the month..

..Go For Your Dreams..


  1. I know how you feel. Uncle Sam has managed to screw me over more than I can say. And I too am a God loving, hard working, law abiding, middle class, tax payer.

  2. I was hoping the new congress could help the middle class, I'm not so sure they can find their way out of someone's pockets to take time to cooperate and help the middle class. Shame.

  3. I think Mae West said it best:
    "Goodness will get you nowhere."

  4. They will get you coming and going. All we had to do is sign a paper that we had insurance. :)