Thursday, March 19, 2015


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for those who have asked .....the reason there is not a daily post from me is...

For months I have had trouble getting my laptop to remain connected to the internet in the mornings.......!
Seems like between the 7 and 7:30 am, all of my little county is trying to logon...
access is limited and if I miss the's all over till mid-morning.  
Now this said.....CityBoy has no trouble logging on....the computers are within 15 feet of each other..!!
Go Figure...?
Either it's a plot cooked up by CityBoy or my laptop hates me....
Lately I've been emailing the pictures to myself at work and come in a few minutes early each day to write my blogs from the office...
You can't keep a blogger down for long..!!

.. Go For Your Dreams"


  1. That is a strange one. I know what you mean though. Bloggers must blog. Hope whatever the problem is, it is quickly solved.

  2. I am never able to understand the "Ways of the Internet.":-) I do have faith in your ability to problem solve, though.

  3. Well we are glad to see them when they make it. But it sure is odd. We had the same problems here except it was hers that would long on and across the table mine would not.

  4. Ever since I moved to the mountains I have trouble sending texts. Often I have to go outside and hold my cell phone up in the air, facing east, before my text will go through.
    Sounds insane, but I am not kidding.

  5. Sounds like a weird problem. hope you get it solved:)