Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Do Those Look Like.....

..."Snow" clouds..??

Yep....Bloggerville Buds...
we had snow here in the high country on Saturday morning..

Parts of Ashe County had .5 inches..
Boone had 2.0 inches..

Hey.....Mother Nature.....
was this a tease..?......will we get fall back...?
will these winds continue...? ...will we get a "Leaf Season" this year...?
It was only October 1st.....!!

Inquiring minds want to know...!!

Life is Good

ps.....parts of West Virginia got 9 inches....!!


  1. I heard that you all had snow! I do hope you get to enjoy some more of the Fall season though.

  2. I surely do hope you have some warmer days ahead. It's way to early to begin that bead count. It's been cold here but no snow. Now they say for the next few days we are going to warm up again and by Saturday we may see 80 degrees. It'll be the last hurrah for warm days I suppose but I sure am going to love it. Hope your Tuesday is a terrific one.

  3. Snow already, oh my! Thats delightful. I hope we get to visit your way this year and play in snow. How are the leaves. It is sunny and 62 here,just perfect!

  4. UGH!! Used to live in WV near Charleston....Snow, ugh!!
    Now in HP, NC and did get rain and NO snow...too early for that white stuff....I was born up in the UP of MICH.(Yep, I am an original YOOPER)Up there, snow is a household word...HEEHEEHEE!!!
    The picture of the sky was wonderful though, even though it was a snow sky.
    Have a great day.

  5. I read that to Sherry (She hasn't got here yet), she said, "WOW, and this is just the first of October.
    Then I said, "That is what Linda said!".

    Well I know you are ready for the fun and the Christmas tree cutting noise. I guess this will start it.

    Love from your Florida! (75 here this morning)

  6. Really early for snow. I hope fall lasts a lot longer. Helen

  7. what would I know about snow clouds? We haven't even worn long sleeves yet but it was a little cooler this morning and it felt sooo good.

  8. I'll be glad to take any snow that you don't want! :)

    (Remember this in February!)

  9. Snow already? GAAAA!
    Cold snap here~ we had our fisrt frost Sunday morning. The fall colors are on their way!
    Beautiful pictures~ enjoyed my visit with you today!

  10. Oh my, I am so jealous. I LOVE snow. For your sake, I hope it is just a tease.