Monday, October 17, 2011


It was a beautiful weekend...
A weekend i spent piddling around the house and sitting on the front porch reading a good book..

Now this morning's weather forecast is calling for "snow" on Wednesday night..
yes...snow again...!!

..Mother Nature it's OCTOBER..!!

This "snow stuff" needs to whole off until we're in the winter season....
I've only got 5 days of work left and
i wanted a few more days of front porch sitting...

Are you listening Mother Nature...??!!

Life is Good


  1. It is way too early to have that 'S' word in the forecast. They say it will get down in the 30's here about mid week but rain is what we have coming our way. Hope your last week of work is a great one. Happy Monday!

  2. I know you are fairly new to the Ashe County area, right? Did you do your research before moving there, it snows in April and May as well. lol

  3. Hush your mouth. Snow? Really it seems too soon. Enjoy your last week of work.

  4. Life in The Highlands!Sorry about the October snow but those cool August days you have are the envy of us in the deep south!
    LOVE your header shot! XO

  5. Wow,seems very early to have snow. Are your beads going to work this year?

    It is going to be 80 here today.

  6. No No, not snow already. Although, I am sick of this heat I am getting. Hot tea or cider time will help. Grab a quilt and a book and get cozy.

  7. Hey sounds like excitement in the Blue Ridge. SNOW one of the good four letter words (But in the Winter!)
    Yeah, I know you will get some great fall days just to sit on the porch and relieve 'the kids' from the Watch duties.

    Enjoy what ever comes, we know you will.
    From Florida
    Sherry & Jack

  8. Snow..that's obscene, down right obscene!

  9. Snow!!?? You must be waaaay high up there in elevation!
    Are you retiring or does your park close?