Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday.....

This strange cloud formation moved in above the cabin and hovered for about 20 minutes...
It reminded the MaleChild and i of an alien craft from a Spielberg movie...
We were listening for the theme music from 2001 Space Odyssey to come drifting up from the valley..
And decided if that happened .... it was time to get out'a town...!!!
Anyway....this strange thing produced not one drop of rain...

Thanks to all who left me comments yesterday about my rant and concerns about my health...

I'm gonn'a be fine....just a Urinary track infection...that went undetected until the culture came back from the Lab......seems this was the cause of the upper back pain..... and the "bad" disc was causing the lower back pain and leg cramps......sheeeezzzzz!!

$83.09 worth of meds, 1 Doctor visit and the hospital charge for the culture should make me better.....

Anytime now.......$$$$$$.....!!!!!



  1. I think everyone still has that childhood wonder of watching clouds. Good one. Hope you get ALL WELL! soon!

    From Vegas, and okay I'll drop a quarter for you!

    Sherry & jack

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  4. Sorry to waste you paper (ha) I had triplicate entries. some how?

  5. That was a very ominous looking cloud formation ~ I was waiting for the theme music from 2001 Space Odyssey to come blaring out of my PC :O) ~
    I am glad healthwise you are going to be OK ~ so sorry your meds cost so much money ~ Ally x

  6. If you DO start hearing music from the clouds, I think it may be too late to do anything :)

  7. Hi to you all,
    Madi and I are friends of Giz and Mom...when we saw your comment we thought we drop by to say hi. We are in Raleigh, NC...but would rather be anywhere in the NC mountains...we love your city!!!
    Madi and Mom

  8. I love to watch the clouds, but that certainly was an ominous one. We are hoping for some rain tomorrow. We need it badly here. Everything is unusually dry.

  9. I found you thru Madi's blog! I hope you feel better soon! I'm going to look forward to following!
    Have a nice night!

  10. Great shots! Good you are on the mend too.