Thursday, September 9, 2010

Look Who's Back.......

Can you see it...??
You might have to enlarge the picture.....
There it is ....upper right hand side....moving across to the middle....
That's it.....that funny looking cloud...

Let's try this picture.....

Upper left hand side....

Yeah that funny looking cloud....that's really a vapor trail...


The jet jockeys are back...haven't seen them all summer....

Welcome back boys and girls.....!!



  1. Lovely picture as always. It is a beautiful clear day here this morning and a chilly one. We're not supposed to rise above the 60's today. I hope your Thursday is a wonderful one!

  2. Where do the Jet Jockeys go in the Summer? Do they go North, to their nesting grounds? ;-D

  3. I think you did what I nearly ALWAYS do, which is switch your directions - - - I believe the jet trail was on the LEFT in the top and the RIGHT in the bottom picture. Oh I sooooo do that all the time.

    I always think jet trails very closely resemble cirrus clouds - - - probably because they ARE artificial cirrus clouds - - -

  4. We're near an Air Force base here and have planes flying over all the time, but I don't think I've seen any vapor trails.


  5. I love your new header photo. And the gorgeous clouds. I saw the trailer, and you are right I haven't heard much out of Edwards AFB this summer. Will keep an eye out to see if more action takes place in the fall.--Inger

  6. We just left Hill AFB, WE definitely heard them! The Jet Jockeys.
    Nice sky.
    Posted in Pocatello, Idaho Just got back from the craters of the moon.