Tuesday, September 14, 2010

D*#@ Rooster......

Sorry rooster......it's not your fault that this beautiful picture of peacefulness is ruined for me this morning....
I have a RANT...!!...here goes....!!
What happened to health care reform.....?
Has it gone into effect yet....?
Will it help Americans that are dangling out here with little or no health insurance...?
How does it effect Medicare...?
These are just a few of my questions......
A few months ago you could not turn on the TV or radio without hearing ...
How it was the next best thing or how it would create socialized medicine...
i tryed reading the reform bill in hopes that it would explain how it would help or hurt me ....a fairly average citizen of the good ole USA...
After about 100 pages i gave up...... there was so much legalize in the wording i was confused after the first sentence..... ugh!!!
Why this rant you ask......
Well, yesterday i paid $83.09 for FIVE pills....!!!!!
And that was after insurance....
Can you understand my furstration.....??
These pills better kill every bad bug in my body....


  1. I hear ya too! The biggest part of it doesn't kick in till what 2015 or something like that! They will tinker it to death!

  2. Holy crap! What kind of bug have you got? Rural Rambler is right, the new reforms are introduced gradually, and us average people won't see any real benefit for a couple of years.

  3. Changes don't come overnight. And have you noticed how the insurance companies are busy raising our rates in anticipation? I'm just looking forward to the day that my tax dollars do not pay for emergency room care for the uninsured. In the meantime, I hope those pills work for whatever is ailing you. Yikes~!

  4. Good rant, thank you! I have Medicare and good insurance, but there is that little thing called a co-pay! I'm supposed to go to physical therapy 3 times a week @ $20, which is $60 a week. I can't afford that, so I go a couple of time a month and do the rest at home. We pay for Medicare all our working lives, then we still pay the premium now and then the co-pays!!! Sorry, I guess I just had a rant of my own here.--Inger

  5. But the picture is gorgeous!--Inger

  6. Sounds like Daylight robbery to me I do so hope those 5 pills work their wonders for you ~ we have our National Health Service over here ~ life would be hard without it ~ Ally x

  7. I rant a lot about the cost of health care. The biggest bill I have is my health insurance each month and that is just a supplement that covers what medicare doesn't cover and you've got to have it in case of accidents or ill health. So I pay it, but it sure does strap my budget. Hopefully those pills work and you won't need more. It's sad that some cannot afford that and go without. Others really take advantage when they shouldn't ...
    That is one subject that could keep me going for a long long time, but I'll quit and just wish you a TERRIFIC Tuesday.

  8. And yet, you will still hear people complaining about how it's messed up their lives - and it hasn't even gone into effect yet!!

  9. I love a good rant!!!!! Keeps the blood circulating.

    If my memory is correct, one of the authors said, they weren't sure how it would work until it started.

    WE B waiting and listening to Linda, I hope the pills work!!!!

    From LasVegas with a quarter in my hand to drop in the slot machine!

  10. Here is what I know. Your (my) children who are fully capable of getting a job can be on your (my) health plan until they are 26, but it is going to cost me my entire paycheck.