Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Just saw a hummer on the feeder....
A single hummer.........have all the rest gone back to Central America.....??

Is this the last to fly away........is he a later bloomer or flyer....??

Even the flock at the park seems to have disappeared....
we have gone from filling the feeder everyday.....to.....once a week...
and the juice level is not moving on a downward slope......

Well.......if your really gone or on the flight path....

Good bye my little friends......have a save trip.....
See you next April 15th......approximately....



  1. So sorry to see them go but they'll be back!

  2. Ours are still here - altho there are fewer of them. I always miss them when they go. This hot dry weather had me filling 2 feeders every day and a half all summer long!!!!

  3. Amazing the time table the little 'hummers' have. We have never took note of their comings and goings. Thanks for the nature update. I'd also never called them hummers until I started reading the Blue Ridge Boomer!!!!!
    Love from UTAH, last day here, tomorrow we head into IDAHO!

  4. We saw a hummer here in Ohio a couple of days ago but we just saying about mid September they will be gone south. They are such a joy and I'll miss them. They usually appear here a little later on but if the weather is nice we may see them toward the end of April. Hope your Tuesday is a Terrific one!

  5. I doubt if they're gone yet - - - 'cause our feeders are literally BESIEGED with them.

  6. It was probably one of mine, I haven't seen mine in about a week now. Almost time to take down the feeder. I'm leaving it up in case any stragglers going south need a fill up.

  7. They are still fluttering around here, but I'm sure they will be gone bedore long. Temps. are still in the 90s during the day. I want coolers temps.

  8. We had a hummer stop by last evening, he was hanging out at my fuchsias.

  9. We're still waiting to see if ours will stop by to say adios on their way south or maybe they left early.