Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Is it Wednesday..??

My daily rut has been so turned around these last two weeks.....i woke up today unsure of what day it was....
I think it's Wednesday, August 8th...
Now i just need to remember if PaPa's birthday is today or tomorrow....
It'll come to me...
Live in the Moment


  1. it is Wednesday. Some days when I first wake up I have to remind myself of what day it is. Hope you have a wonderful one!

  2. Oh dear, you need to slow down a bit. Enjoy your day!

  3. OKAY, It is bad waking in a fog. I once woke at 6 and jumped up changed uniforms and headed out, before I realized it was 6pm not 6am.

    So you are okaY! But I do like hearing from someone else that is in, or has been in a fog.
    Love from up here.