Friday, August 3, 2012


What's in this lovely wrapped package from CityBoy...the MaleChild and the Fur Babies..??
Please admire the wrapping....CityBoy worked very hard for just the right look....
Whoooaaaa Mama....!!

How did he know this was what i wanted for Christmas...!!
Never expected a very, very early Birthday present..
I've already downloaded 5 free books
and now i'm on to the wonderful world of "Apps"..!!
Never done "apps" before...
Are they like sit-ups...!!??

Another possible "change" could happen today...
keep your fingers crossed and say alittle prayer..
it's all good..!!

Live in the Moment


  1. WOW a kindle fire, I have friends that love it. I am so DOWN, I only have the Kindle. BUT I have read some very good FREE books.'You gotta download the 'Mayor of Castorbridge' by Hardy. An Old 18th century classic.

    I did enjoy it. I have some classic's I don't think I ever read,'I am reading Treasure Island' I don't remember ever reading it although I was supposed to in school. hahaha

    Enjoy the Fire and Hope things fit you well coming up!!!!

  2. Great job raising that one!!! Enjoy your new Kindle.

  3. Well Have a HAPPY early Birthday! I have a Kindle, but not a Kindle Fire. I love reading all those free books. I certainly will be praying all goes well with your possible new change there. Sounds like an exciting day for you! Have a fantastic Friday!

  4. Enjoy your Kindle. Sending a prayer that things go well in the change coming up.

  5. Hey ya got a nice gang there. Happy birthday and merry christmas.

  6. i have that same wrapping paper =o)

  7. What a treat! Sit right down, download something and read it!