Wednesday, August 15, 2012

To bead or not to bead.....?

We've had several days like this over the last two weeks....
Yes....that's fog... it enough fog to drop a bead in the jar....?

These old mountain traditions don't come with a rule book...


I'll flip a coin..

Live in the Moment


  1. I never heard this bead in the jar "tale" before, and I lived in NC for 5 years. It's pretty fun, wonder if it works in Central Wisconsin!

    I DID hear that when it thunders in the winter, snow will fall within the next 7 days. Which did work sometimes too - - - though who can tell if it would have snowed anyway without the thunder?

  2. It is foggy here, In new hampshire.

    So I will be off for a few days. I am off to the woods. Sherry just asked if it was still raining? I didn't know it had been. OUCH. it has stopped for now. So I guess I had better get to walking.
    It is cloudy UP there (as I look up)

    Love from cold wet New Hampshire.

  3. It's never foggy here so I go by the weather report.. rarely does it get bad here in town, but we still get the snow in winter. Today's weather said it was foggy so I'm going to count that. Hope your Wednesday is a wonderful one!