Monday, January 5, 2015

Things are a-changing.....

the temperature is dropping..
the wind is howling....
Yep...that's CityBoy returning home from the gym...he's already walked 2 miles this morning and I've barely got my eyes open.  Going to the gym at 5:30am is something he does at least 5 days out of the week.  I like sleeping better.....

..Go for Your Dreams..


  1. I like sleeping more than exercise and much more than a trip to the gym. I don't know how people do it. I'd be worn out before the day began.

  2. I agree, I'ld rather sleep than go to the gym. I can exercise all day if I want so why would I interrupt my sleep to work out. Guess some people would just like to get it over with. I like your new slogan.

  3. I wish I could join, lol. I need to.

  4. No 5:30 wake up here to go to the gym! I'm still snoozing, too.:)