Friday, January 30, 2015


This is the view outside the park office door this morning....
('s blue out there)
Well.....the laptop had to be debugged again....!!
I'm still recovering from 'de bug...!!
Went to the Dr.'s office this AM for blood work and I think everyone there had the 'de Bug....

..Go For Your Dreams


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  2. WEll I have my mask on as I read, I don't like 'em doctors offices, too many germs!! (smile) From an RV resort beside Floridas Turnpike or Mainstreet.
    Imma hoping you and the laptop be DE BUGGED!
    (I gotta learn to do better, I need a mind reader spell check)

  3. What a beautiful picture that is. I hope you stay bug free. Yes, there is a lot of them going around, Take good care !