Monday, March 15, 2010

Almost Gone.....

Yep.....looks like the snow is almost gone....
These pictures were taken there's even less of the white stuff this morning....

I'm sitting here with the front door open...listening to dogs all over the neighborhood bark......the birds sing......the chain saws buzz(?)......enjoying the sun shine and waiting for the next shoe to drop....

The locals are saying we've still got one more "big" storm to go...!!

OK....lets go guys......lets get it over with......

I've got things to do and places to go..!!

Don't tease me with warmth and color...if you're gonna cover the neighborhood with white again!

That would mean i wasted the weekend digging out the shorts, tank tops and flip-flops...



  1. Isn't it nice, though, to see the snow gone, if only for a while? I love winter, but it lasts way too long. I want to see flowers, and green grass.

  2. Frogs have been croaking down by our pond. What a nice sound that is!

  3. WE ahd one great day then 5 inches of snow the next. I hope that is our last storm. I am ready for spring.

  4. I like the way you put it, "Don't treasee me!"
    Yep that is what it seems like with this beautiful weather. It will be nice to see a solid outset of SPRING!
    Beautiful photo's anyway.
    Sherry & Jack

  5. It is a relief to see it gone. If we make it through March without a snow storm it would be very unusual. I spent the weekend switching things from winter to spring in my closet...I'm ready. If it snows, I won't have to dig far to find my boots anyway.

  6. Maybe it's almost over with! Bring on SPring!

  7. I have opened the windows, shaved the dog and hope I am not premature which is my usual thing this time of year.I am waiting a bit before I start the garden though.
    Soon, lets hope.

  8. lovely. i hope you DON'T get antoher big one - it is time for Spring!