Sunday, March 14, 2010

Time Change....

Miss Kitty......"I feel like i've lost something..."

Mia......"You did....You lost an hour..."

Max....."Is it out in the yard somewhere...?"

Mia......"No...silly male's in cyberspace somewhere..."

Miss Kitty......"What's cyberspace...?

Max....."Yeah.....what's cyberspace...?

Mia......"I don't really know.....maybe it's out in the yard somewhere..."

Max....."Come's time for the second morning nap...."

Mia & Miss Kitty...."OK.....last one to the sunny spot on the dog bed has fleas..!!!"



  1. Nooo kidding! This is way too cute. I'm sure you've captured their conversation to a 'T'!!

    Enjoy Sunday ~Natalie

  2. to blogging and 'blog surfing'....stumbled on your site. As ex-principal was interested to read your post on National schools program and schools closing.....topical here in Australia at the moment. Have same soap box as you!! Like to share my blog if you find anything interesting there. I will write some about education and teaching soon. And will visit your site again.

    blogs are:

    Thanks for your blog...enjoyed

  3. So cute! I'm stumbling around this morning, also, feeling like I lost something. I can really sympathize with Miss Kitty, Mia and Max.

  4. They are so cute and although I'm glad for the increase in daylight hours, I will miss that hour of sleep. Have a great Sunday!

  5. LOL - - - You are one creative gal, or should I say you have creative pets???

    I HATE DST - - - I will feel that I have "lost something" for about three weeks.

    The SAD thing is, we didn't USED to go in for this nonsense here in Indiana - - - but our governor pushed it through a couple of years ago. Booooo Hissssss

    It was LIGHT when I went to school the last week or so - - - now I'm back to going in the DARK.

  6. So cute
    at least they are not covered with snow (o:

  7. Love it!!!! fits the picture to a 'T'.
    Sherry & Jack

  8. How do you read their minds so well?

  9. we slid right into the new time and even went to church on time. Preacher missed sunday school but he had a good excuse.

  10. How cute. Guess they really don't notice except by our suddenly different patterns and that must confuse.