Friday, March 12, 2010

Brain Fog..... brain is as foggy as this picture....

It can't comprehend what it's hearing on the national....state and local news.....

Seems there is this committee in D.C. that has spent the last 18 months writing a "National Education Standards" bill and is now in the process of pushing it thru the congress to make it a law.......OK ..... this could be a good thing.....?

That's the national news.....thanks Brian Williams....

However......Brain and the locals news casters .... in the next breath are telling us about schools closing or down sizing from coast to coast.....

Look it up.....Kansas City is in the process of closing half of their intercity schools.....!!
Which will bring the number of open schools back to a level in the 1800's....

The local news ...out of Charlotte.....are talking about closures and the "letting" go of up to 900 teachers....not to mention support personnel....and there's never a word about admin staff being "let" go......

I retired from the financial end of a very large school district in Florida.....i've seen the wasted money fly out the windows....

Come on guys!!.......if you can't keep the schools can you expect to maintain a "National Education Standard"....!!??

Putting the soap box away now.....



  1. I think our public education system is failing.This is in no part to the teachers,I know many wonderful,but frustrated teachers,but to forces beyond their control.That is one of the many reasons we decided to go with homeschooling.

  2. They're doing the same thing around here. I don't understand this closure thing, either, unless these schools are sitting there, half empty. I feel so badly for the teachers. They get absolutely no support from their administration or the parents. How can they be expected to do their job, if the students see them as powerless?

  3. The government run schools have always had tons of problems, not to mention ungodly teaching in many cases. We homeschooled our children because we believed that character building in the subjects was the best way to go. Also, because God mandated that the parent was to teach the children when they woke up, walking by the wayside, and in the evening before bed.
    Yet, we still had to pay to keep government schools open....waste of God's money in most cases.
    And, drum roll...I am also stepping off the soap box, as you said.

  4. Great entry. Should be submitted to the Observer or TV for a BIG news bite, RESPONSE.

    WE are fortunate, not watching the news, gives me less to worry needlessly about, since all my letters and rantings to congressmen and city gov't have always, i felt, been ignored.

    I think every honest person who has worked in a Gov't entity gets sick of the waste of taxpayers money.
    Jack & Sherry

  5. I'm wondering what impact all this will have on the new school they were supposed to buid on the northside of San Antonio. It was to be named after my deceased husband's great grandfather who built and taught at the first school in that area. The world is in such a bad state of affairs.

  6. Oh LindaMay I too have been on my soapbox for two days listening to the news about our schools. I cannot believe the incredible bubble our lawmakers live in! It's like putting a topper on a crumbling cake! What a mess...what a shame...I wish I could personally vote each and every one of them out, and get some new blood in Congress....people who will not indulge in playground politics-and will bring the focus back to the America and the people who voted them in. Okay...I'm sorry...see, I can't control myself!!!
    Heartbroken & Angry in Iowa~

  7. I so agree with you! It's sad that they can do what they are doing to education. I think if I were a parent today I'd be tempted to do home schooling.

  8. It is very sad
    At least my kids are grown
    but now I have those Grands to worry about.

  9. Think it is finally hitting home about how bad our economy really is. Until it effects us directly,we think it is just a recession. The last depression took 20 years to recover completly from. We have a really long way to go this time also and many will suffer. Unfortunately its our kids who will have to endure large class rooms with greatly reduced learning opportunities who are some of the victims.
    We didn't get to this place in a year and we won't get out of here in a year.
    If I had children today, I would home school mainly to see that they got a good education.
    My soap box is now vacant. Next?

  10. too bad we have a government trying to micro manage everything. As one teacher put it = we have to teach to the standards rather than teaching to learn. ugh