Sunday, March 7, 2010

High Hopes.....

...just like Miss Kitty with her high hopes.....

I have high hopes that Spring is just around the corner....

The last few days have been beautiful.....bright sun......high temp in the 50's......the snow is melting.......the birds are singing.......the rabbits are hopping.....the deer have come out of hiding.....and i've gone outside without a jacket!!

The the gossip mill at the beauty shop says there are two more "big" snows on the way before Spring can officially get here to the high country.....

And you know the "ladies" are always on the money with the ways of the world....

Soooo....maybe it's false hope for me and Miss Kitty...instead of High Hopes.....

Who sang that song.....???!!!!'s in my head and i can't get it out....

High Hopes.......i've got high hopes...
high in the pie hopes......!! need coffee.......



  1. Love all the pictures Linda May! You really live in a beautiful place! I'm hoping the worst is over for us, it was sunny and 65 yesterday. More of the same today!

  2. I would believe those ladies too...March usually does bring 2 good snows here. It doesn't last like the other snows though as we do get more sunshine and longer days. They seem to melt away fast and that is a good thing for sure. Hope your Sunday is a great one! Enjoy the coffee!

  3. Your place is beautiful. How nice it must be to wake up every morning and see those views. Ladies like that are usually right, but, we can always hope that, for once, they're wrong.

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  5. Isure hope 'the girls' do not know what they are talking about.

    Funny how a jingle or song gets stuck in your head, you can't help but let it out sometime.
    I love optomistic songs and attitudes.
    Of course 'altitude' means you always have HIGH Hopes!!!!
    Jack & Sherry down in the Piedmont

    (sorry about the delete, but had to correct a spelling error. probably left one!)

  6. Maybe the girls are wrong this time. I have high hopes too! I'm sooooooo tired of being cold!

    I've got high hopes....

  7. I hope for no more snow. We will finally get on the playground tomorrow. It is beautiful here today. 60. The bees are out, killed my first hornet.

  8. Just go ahead and sing with 'Old Blue Eyes', Frankie boy. 'Cause,
    An ant can't, move a Rubber tree plant!

  9. Don't give up - - - I PROMISE it will NOT still be snowing in July. I PROMISE.

  10. It was finally warm enough here today to open the windows a little and get some fresh air into the house.

  11. I like that tune now you have me singing it.