Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Am i......

...wasting my time..?

I love the ease of paying my monthly bills on line...
Until i run into a snag...
I spent hours setting up all the accounts..
Kept careful track of "all" the log in info....making sure no two were alike...
Now today....
I need a log in security code.....issued by the company...
Hit the "next" button to apply for your code..
cell phone
land line
Applied twice for "code" sent by e-mail..
Waited an hour......no luck
Cancelled e-mail...
Applied for land line "code"
Waited an hour.....walked the dogs with phone in hand....took a shower with phone on counter..
Still waiting....

Maybe i'll just sent them a check...
You know......the old fashion way...
Snail Mail...
It'll probably get there before i receive my "code"...!

Live in the Moment


  1. Good Morning, I've had this happen so often and know how frustrating it is. Usually mine is for something trivial online,not bill paying, but I never get the password-or the text.
    I'm thinking we are helping to keep jobs by using the old fashioned snail mail.
    Hugs today. Noreen

  2. I end up with so many user names and passwods it is almost impossible to keep track.

  3. Modern technology isn't always the best way. But it is nice when it works. Hope your Tuesday is a terrific one.

  4. hahahahaha! I love a frustrated internet user. There probably is a support group I should join!

    When it all works, I do like the simplicity of it.
    BUT WHEN IT DON'T ^%^##$#^

    Sunny and 86 by my thermometer.

  5. So frustrating.....
    I called AT&T yesterday to ask what the $9.99 fee was on my cell phone bill... Took awhile but I got through. Come to find out it is a voice activated turn by turn direction program....Hello...I have a gps in the car that talks to me...don't need $10 a month to tell me directions....(i've had it a year and didn't know it)
    Pays to study those darn bills.

  6. Ha ha, now I feel better about using the stamp. Most of my family is Post Office connected so I try to do my part keeping them employed. Other wise, they may move in with me.

  7. I know what you mean! I hope you get your code soon!

    BTW, just wanted you to know that I'm closing my blog down. I just think it's time for a change! I may blog again at some point. If I do I will start a new one!

    I'll still be around...

    Have a wonderful day...hopefully with a code