Monday, January 9, 2012


....this picture looks a lot like yesterday's picture...

Yep....sure does...

Guess it's gonna be another day of dreary damp weather....
A good day to quilt...

Live in the Moment


  1. Dreary, but very pretty and peaceful.
    It's snowing again here in West Texas - - the third blizzard we've had this winter.

  2. I do try to live in the moment...sunshine here, but very cold this morning! Still sipping the good coffee and starting the day slowly. Hope your Monday is a gret one!

  3. It is good to have an inside activity in that weather that is for sure!!!
    Good on U.
    Sherry & Jack
    Sunny and 70!

  4. It is beautiful! I would like to be there sitting by a window looking out!

  5. Those type of days make a cup of coffee in a comfortable chair seem delightful. A good book or productive quilting makes it a good day after all.