Thursday, January 12, 2012

Keeping watch....

....Misskitty is in her "watch mode"....

After last nights storms....with the and south of us tornadoes...
she's decided that the sky needs to be monitored...

She's watching for the snow that's suppose to start tonight and last for the next four days..

She's watching the driveway for her "boy"....who's been running back and forth to Boone..
Classes at ASU start next week.....all those last minute "things" to take care of....
Did you know that at some colleges you can now "rent" your textbooks....??
No more fighting to buy those used ones.....

Also ..... i promised her i would use this picture....

Live in the Moment


  1. Miss Kitty is a faithful cat for sure. Watching seems to be one of her favorite pastimes and she takes a wonderful picture too! It's been a few years since any of mine were in college but I do remember looking for a used book rather than buying the new ones. They are expensive. We are supposed to get snow moving in here tonight. Hope your Thursday is a wonderful one.

  2. Storms, lightening, rain, tornadoes, now 4 days of snow. Good Grief. Odd weather.
    Feel sorry for the UPS guys.

  3. Love that kitty! I'd love to have a little snow, but on my off days! LOL

    Here's my new home:

  4. When I went to college years and years ago, the university I went to rented books....Just like checking out from the Library...and at the end of the term, turn them back in..Of course, that was back in the day when a semester only cost $200 or less..
    We only had thunder, lightening, rain and mild wind..
    Snow...Oh my, not down here in the flat Triad...

  5. That is a look only a cat can master.
    Sounds like it has been a rough one with more to come.
    Stay safe, warm and dry.

  6. Those are some very intense eyes. She is a beauty.

  7. Miss Kitty surely is a perfect watch-cat. Susie is perturbed today because it is so cold after a pretty sunny day yesterday.