Thursday, January 19, 2012

Do You Have One of These...?

The picture of yourself taking a picture of yourself...?
I knew i had one on the computer memory somewhere and i ran across it this AM while searching for a pix to put on today's blog.....

It must be two years (or more old).....cause that's my State Park's t-shirt and i'm parked at the ranger station on Mt. Jefferson.....haven't work at that park in two years....
And i gave those t-shirts to one of the maintenance guys...
Hummmmmm.....when did i take this...!!??


I got squished and then headed out to New River State Park to re-up my application...

Good Thing...

Found out they're bringing me back on Feb 24th....!!
I was counting on March 1st..

Now i just need to get this surgery thing scheduled.....soon....
so i can do my two - four week recovery...
I'm going back to work...!!

Live in the Moment


  1. yeah, I have a picture like that somewhere, but it is not intentional. hahha One was circulating on the net of a lady nude taking pictures of some furniture she put on craigs list. OUCH.
    Hope the surgery timing goes well and fits in your schedule. It is rough being a retired worker I bet!! Suns out, nice.

  2. I love the picture. Wow you are going back a lot sooner, Than last year. I hope the timing works in your favor.

  3. Well I hope that your starting work sooner means that they are expecting nice weather sooner than usual this year. Sorry to hear you've got surgery in your future though. You will need time to recuperate. Take care!

  4. Hahaha...I've one of those pics too! Take care after the surgery. Don't try to hurry the healing.

  5. Yes, I have pictures like that. pictures of reflections of me talking pictures of others in window shop windows, car paint, funny.
    I remember this picture on you taking a picture of you in one of your previous blog entries. Congratulations on next month's back to work date. Hope surgery goes well.

  6. Sure I do. I think everyone with a camera has done this kind of shot. LOL.

  7. Don't have one yet. Maybe I will try it.
    Hope all your schedules mesh.
    If you have the choice, take the 4 weeks. Don't rush it.

  8. Have a good recovery and don't rush it.

  9. I have a picture of me doing the same things......somewhere....haha

    I'm new to your blog, and I like your tag line. FUN!

    Good luck with surgery!

  10. Oh yes, probably have more than one of those type of pictures...ha. Take care, Sheila