Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back to Normal.....


Time to get my life back on track....
with the mystery illness that hit mid-December....Mia's vet trips.....the holidays.....and the whirlwind trip to Florida...i feel like i've been on the roller coaster ride from He--!

Time to take down the Christmas decor.......time to reopen the sewing room.....time to make a real grocery shopping trip.....catch up on the laundry.....
And Wal*Mart.... i've missed you Wally World...!!
It's been 10 days since i've walked thru your doors....
I'm having withdrawal systems...


As soon as i can take a shower and get dressed...
I'm taking care of that WallyWorlditis...

Live to the Fullest


  1. I hope Mia is doing ok for now.

  2. Normal days are wonderful I'm always saying they've been some of the best days of my life. Have a great Wednesday!

  3. Beautiful picture of the snow dusting near your home. Looks COLD there!

  4. Glad you had a safe trip, and got the couple married etc. And you be off the roller coaster from Hell-o.

    Ahh to now relax and enjoy the high country.
    Sending Love (and the cold weather) up to you guys, you can handle it better there. LOL

  5. Glad the mystery illness has resolved itself. Good luck with the normal....just what is normal?

  6. Enjoy your Wally WOrld trip.I avoid it like the plague.

  7. I love my Wal*Mart too. It is my means of socializing. lol

  8. I haven't been to a Wal-Mart in about 4 years. Is it still the same? :)

  9. Welcome back to the ho hum of routine. Enjoy Wallyworld.

  10. Relax, breathe in deeply that cool crisp air, hug Mia, enjoy the snow and choose your clothes carefully for Walmart. Those darn cameras are always ready:))
    So glad you are feeling better.