Sunday, January 22, 2012


....looks like a stay-in..
read a good book...
drink hot tea and or chocolate and or apple cider...
kind'a day...

Lucky for me the female child is up from Atlanta for the weekend...
and she brought along her middle son...


I won't be reading or sipping alone...


....what fourteen year old can live without TV or video games...
or an iphone or an ipod or ear buds...
and the list goes on!

Actually this fourteen year old LOVES the Food Network...
my kind'a kid..!

Live in the Moment


  1. Have a great day no matter what you do! I know it's great having the female child & son to join you! Enjoy!

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  3. Kind of a ho-hum day here also. Except I don't have the company of any grandchildren... Lucky you, ENJOY!

  4. Sometimes foggy days are welcome!! Unless you're out driving.

  5. It's cloudy but warm here in south Alabama today. Looks like you will be having a nice day in with your daughter and grandson.Take care. Jean

  6. Have a wonderful day staying warm inside and spending time with family! The sun is peeking through this morning so the parents will take advantage of it to get some work done around the ranch.

  7. Ah ha, you know the trick to getting a 14 yr old's attention!!~!!

    Still a great day!!

    Walking weatehr here at Rainbow springs.

  8. Looks a lot like our days of late.
    Neat to have a teen around that isn't studying a gadget with fingers flying. Way to go.

  9. How nice to have some company! I too had some weekend company with family coming in. Sure feels good during these dreary January days. Lots of snow melting here in Ohio. Just talked to one of my sons a few hours south of here and he says it is very foggy there. Take care!

  10. Sounds like a great day! I can't believe how it gets cold, then warm, then cold, then warm. NO wonder I'm trying to get sick again! Have a great week and hope you had fun with your family!

  11. Glad you staued and had family to visit it.Hot Apple Cider sounds good.Your right thered so much technology to keep a14 year old busy.Yet they same Im bored.