Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another News Flash.......

....the morning DJ"s are claiming that today is.....
"National Day of Guilt and Remorse"
Sooooo....what better day to post pictures of the container garden..
Yes bloggers.....the Farmer's Almanac...said to wait until after the second weekend in May to plant in the dirt...

OK....we waited until Monday evening and then broke out the gardening equipment...

This year we're trying 10 gallons tubs (icing buckets that i get from the bakery at the local food store) to see if more growing room will produce more veggies....

We've got a zucchini.... a bell pepper.....four tomatoes and i repotted Sarah, the apple tree....They're all in good potting soil.....surrounded by metal cages.... i'm gonn'a give them a dose of Miracle Grow....

And hopefully this year...i won't be feeling the "Guilt and Remorse" of killing off another years worth of plants....

Oh Yeah!!!......did you notice the new cement patio...??!!

It's under the front porch and i LOVE it.......helps keep that wonderful fine-red-turns into mud North Carolina dirt out of the house....

Enjoy case your wondering ........ kitty litter bucket did not come from the bakery.....


  1. No guilt and no remorse is a good thing. I love your container garden. Hope it does well. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. We used feed containers last year to plant tomatoes in. I couldn't tell that we got any more tomatoes than if we planted them directly in the ground. But the containers kept some of the varmints out.

  3. Hi read my mind...was going to ask about the "kitty litter" bucket LOL...and the bakery????? LOL..I sure hope all the plants do well...and as for the guilt and remorse...forget it...and be positive!!!! hugs from Ora in KY

  4. The porch floor looks fabulous and so do the plants. Hopefully you will be rewarded with some delicious veggies this summer.

  5. Hi there, I didn't realize that the Farmer's Almanac said wait because we planted some things on Sunday and woke up to snow today plus are supposed to get some more tonight. Although I always try to be grateful for whatever weather we have, I'm really tired of this and really ready for warm spring/summer days so I can be outside and garden. Hope you don't get any of these storms out your way.
    Hugs, Noreen

  6. We've had a couple nights of frost warnings and my plants are already planted. Keeping my fingers crossed they survive.

  7. Whew, thanks for clearing the kitty litter thing up hahahaha!
    We could probably run a race for things planted and things killed. I DO NOT have the family green thumb.

    You are so right about the NC red mud. we poured a slab here for hte RV, because of the red mud.
    TAke care and I hope everything grows and produces lots of veggies.
    From the piedmont, LOve.

  8. Good to recycle even kitty litter buckets. Your porch looks wonderful.