Tuesday, May 4, 2010


....about yesterday...

The high winds and weather conditions, scrambled the signals to the router.....
which knocked the computers off-line....which is where they stayed for most of the day....!!

But....the rain is gone .....the winds have died-down....and the computers are back on-line.....

Which has made the male members of the household verrrryyyyyy happy..

And Yes....!!!

The hummers are back..!!

How'bout that Carolina Blue Sky....??!!



  1. I'm glad all is well at your house today. The sky is blue here too. Many are very thankful for that for sure. Have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. Glad to see that you weren't blown to Oz!!
    We only had rain and some wind here in the Triad. And, Yes, I love the blue sky today...much better than the gray we have had lately....Would love to see fluffy white clouds in the sky, as well.

  3. Yeah we had a few troubles down here also. Good shots of the hummers. oN the Icon shot announcing your entry, I thought you had caught an airliner emerging from behind a hot air balloon. My mind id crazy like that.
    Have a good 'rest of the week'.
    From down in Lenoir.

  4. So glad the blue skies are back at your house. That little hummer is so sweet. Love the feeder too!

  5. Great looking skies, and I want to know why those silly hummers have not shown up in our yard yet this year? Sheesh... don't they know there's a feeder waiting for them?

    Hey, thanks for entering the contest and I'm wishing you luck that it will soon be hanging under your skull & crossbones too. LOL

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  6. Well, everyone should take a day off, now and then. I'm glad you're OK, and things are back to normal. I hung out a hummer feeder last year. All I got were ants.

  7. Beautiful pics! How lucky to have the humming birds so close to your home!

  8. I have my Hummingbird feeders out, but haven't seen one yet. Hummingbirds are my favorite.

  9. Gorgeous picture! My hummies are back too:)

  10. Computer withdrawal is not fun. Glad all is back to normal. My hummers are back also. Great fun to watch.