Sunday, May 16, 2010


This is what i woke up to this morning......ugh....

However....since i've spent the last few days in an allergy-pollen-induced-asmathic haze....
Breathing is find....but i get short of breath very quickly and have no energy........
Got home from the grocery yesterday......plopped on the sofa like a spud and that's where i stayed until bedtime.......ohhhhhhh....i hate when i get like's not me!!

That about sums up my out look at the moment....

Hi..!!! ........ Parental Units.......i know your up there somewhere....!!



  1. I soooo understand how the weather can affect you (or is that effect (o: We have this one sunny day after rain and gloom and i will take it and celebrate !!!! (o:
    Hope you get to feeling better. Bummer to feel like that in the Spring.
    Cute doggie and kitty pics
    Like the new header...not just the hummingbird but the checker board fields in the background (o:

  2. I hope that the fog has burned off by now. It makes you feel so closed in. Thankfully, we had a bright day today and I was able to get the rest of my annuals planted. Hope tomorrow the sun is shining for you.

  3. The fog makes for a picture picture. I hope you are feeling better by now. My hubby is sick also. :(

  4. One thing about it, you know the beautiful mountains are out there, and attitudes will improve with time.

    It also isn't any fun to drive in that soup either.
    TAke care, take two asperins and hug City fellow!

  5. My hopes are that your "Tomorrow" brings you sunshine, smiles and a breathe of fresh air!

    Take care of you my friend,