Saturday, May 8, 2010


....this is what's happening at our house today.....

And this afternoon.....after lunch at the new BBQ place....we'll be planting that container garden...

Got 4 pepper......and a cucumber....

Hope they are hardy......with brown thumb me as their caretaker.....hummmm....

Maybe i can teach the dogs to turn on the hose and water them....hummmmmm!



  1. It sounds like a great Saturday at your house! Enjoy!

  2. I see no problem with teaching the dogs to do that! hahahahahaha
    Good luck with the plants. When we got home we had blooms on the plant Mark set out for us.
    Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Wish it wasn't raining here and we could get out into the garden to cut the Lawns ~ What a great idea to train the dogs to turn the Hose's on ~ hope the plants you have thrive for you ~ Allyx

  4. Lots of rain here today, so no need to water anything. Hope your plants grow hearty and healthy and have lots of veggies for you to eat.

  5. Get those hands dirty and you will never notice the thumb color.
    Have fun.

  6. Dont feel bad. I come from an avid gardener my grandfather and I have no garden sense , what so ever.

  7. I need to figure out the container garden thing...maybe I could actually grow something (o:
    I don't have a who would water?

  8. A very happy Mother's Day to you tomorrow and congrats on your smart dog.